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Welcome to Mon Petit Cheri, a cozy coffee shop and cafe located in Stillwater, Minnesota. We are passionate about creating the perfect cup to start your day. Explore our diverse range of roasts and origins while enjoying our meticulously prepared variety. From the bold richness of our Dark Roast to the subtle complexities of our Light Roast Blend, there is something to satisfy every palate. Experience the velvety smoothness of our Espresso or the refreshing touch of our Cold Brew Coffee on warmer days.

Our beans are carefully selected from the best coffee-growing regions in the world, including Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Congo, Peru, Colombia, Sumatra, Java and Papua New Guinea. Each sip tells a story, transporting you to distant lands with each aromatic note.

But Mon Petit Cheri is not just about coffee; It's about community. Our inviting atmosphere creates the perfect setting for connection and relaxation, whether you're meeting friends, seeking a quiet moment of solitude, or simply grabbing your morning pick-me-up.

Join us, where every mug is a celebration of craftsmanship, quality and life's simple pleasures. Your perfect coffee experience awaits you at Mon Petit Cheri.

We are located in downtown Stillwater, directly on historic Main Street, just a two-minute walk from the iconic Stillwater Lift Bridge.

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